Disc check valve



Industry applications:

  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Thermical Station, Paper, Steel, Feeding, etc.
  • Process line, product pipes, way out of pumps, fluid machinery.
  • Steam lines, condensed, oils, chemical products, gas, etc.
  • The check disc valve close for the spring action when reduce the line pressure, getting a mild closing and avoiding the fluid recession and the surge when it close to the zero point of pressure.
  • It could be installed in any position, for fluids in horizontal and vertical circulation, ascending or descending.
  • Valve must not be used for pulsating or surge instalations (piston pumps, compressors, etc.)


  •  Nominal diameter: DN15 to DN100.
  • Ends: WAFER.
  • Pressure: PN40 – ANSI-300.

Data Sheet