ABV has over 50 years providing reliable and innovative chemical, petrochemical and across industries as food processing, automotive and other industries stationary solutions.

An experience that has led to ABV to achieve total confidence with the best wholesalers and original equipment manufacturers and as a result to incorporate, at all times, the most advanced technology they demand to meet the most demanding requirements and maintain our full range product as a benchmark.

ABV is characterized by performing a thorough quality control for the most demanding certifications and so ensure the highest levels of reliability in all our products.

And our personal service is characterized by offering a wide range of solutions specifically designed to assemble any need for automation as the sector’s needs or customer requirements on schedule to deliver quickly and efficiently.

All this combined with the excellent quality / price just ABV is able to offer and allows us to maintain the position of the reference supplier for our customers.

Warranty. Reliability. Service. Price. After 50 years, we remain a leader in the field of industrial valves. Check it out.