Plane & circular sight glass DIN 28120

Carbon Steel · AISI-316L · Temperate glasses


  • General industry applications.
  • Chemical, Pharmaceuticals, Petrochemical, Paper, Fedding, Etc.
  • For looking the internal part of tanks, cisterns, pipes, etc.
  • Appropriate type to couple lights and clean glasses.


  • Shape and dimensions acc. to  PN 10/16 DIN 28120.
  • Nominal diameter: DN-50 to DN-200.
  • Nominal pressure: PN 6, PN 10, PN 16.
  • Temperatures down to 400 ºC, depending on quality type of glass and joints
  • The torque tighten correspond to Klingerit joint.
  • The screws must tighten gradual & uniformly.
  • The tighten order are indicated with numbers.

Data Sheet